Finalmouse Starlight-12 Poseidon Small Review

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I wanted to get a Finalmouse mouse for a long time, but never got my head around to spend the insane amount of money these go for. On third-party market they can go for double or sometimes even triple the MSRP, which is outrageous. On the last drop (Poseidon) I got lucky and got one for the MSRP. Originally I wanted to get the medium size, but I got unlucky and it got sold out before I had a chance to pay for my order, so I settled on the small size.

I’m from Europe, so I had to pay for import/postage fees, the final price got to around 220€ with everything. That’s quite a lot of money considering it’s “just” a mouse, but you get what you pay for. The packaging is great and it comes off as a premium product.

Small is way too small for me, I believe it would be too small for most adults, at least if you want to claw grip the mouse. I tried putting Corepad grips on the mouse, they didn’t help much with making the mouse bigger, sadly. This by itself makes the mouse unusable for me, since I can’t grip the mouse comfortably. On top of that adding the honeycomb design makes it even more uncomfortable to use the mouse, the honeycomb edges are quite sharp and it digs into your fingers and hand, this is due to the material they’ve used - magnesium.

The clicks are really nice, I’ve always been a big fan of Kailh GM 8.0s. A really good implementation from Finalmouse, I was pleasantly surprised by the side buttons as well, very clicky, most mice side buttons are very mushy.

I have to bring up the controversy around Finalmouse and their QC. They’ve always had issues with QC and it hasn’t changed much on this newer model. I got halfway lucky with my copy. My mousewheel is only slightly out of center. I’ve seen pictures of people’s Poseidons where the mousewheel touches the main buttons. Something like this is unacceptable for such a premium price tag and it should be their main focus for future releases.

You can only get this mouse in limited drops, this makes it almost impossible to get your hands on one. On the other hand every mouse is unique, with their colorways and an engraved serial number on the bottom of each mouse.

tl;dr: overall good & unique mouse, not worth the big hype, persisting qc issues, small is very small