Gaming Is Boring

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Gaming is Boring. Well, not really, no, just different.

Nowadays gaming is really different from what it used to be, let’s say 8-10 years ago. Games back then were made by people who cared about their products, well at least it seemed like it, compared to today where every single videogame release is a disaster and the main focus is to make as much money as possible, because it’s just not physically possible to make a great game in a year (e.g. Call of Duty). It’s not wrong, who wouldn’t do it for the money, right? The market is expanding exponentially the last ~5 years and there seems to be no stopping. But I think with that also comes a responsibility - to be able to deliver an actual enjoyable product and that most companies just bury under their never ending pile of money, sadly.

Another thing I really hate about new games is the insane (over)casualization. All games today (there are a few exceptions, e.g. Elden Ring) are made for instant gratification, not to learn over time and master a skill step by step. Look at the state of console’s aim assist, I think it speaks for itself (I’ve included some clips below). Every action in new games is dumbed down to maximum, if a skillful tech is found, where you have to put many hours into to properly learn it, it’s most likely gonna get removed in the next update…

Most of the games that I still enjoy are as old as I am (or even older) and if there’s not gonna be a significant change to gaming in the coming years, it’s gonna stay like that.

I really hate where gaming is heading.

Thank you for reading.