I Hate Modern Web

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Yeah… I know this title sounds very hipster, but hear me out.

For example you find something interesting on the internet so you want to look up more about it. First you open up a search engine of your preference (if it’s Google, you already got some ads there) to find related articles about the topic, you click on the first link and wait for the page to load… It takes years to load and you wonder what’s wrong. You open your browser’s developer tools and click on the network tab and refresh the page, you see that the page is 15mb in size and uses 3 different analytics services. Years passed and the website finally loaded, then you have to accept cookies and then thousands upon thousands of ads start showing up that also track you across different websites to give you personalized ads.

Well, maybe I exaggerated a little, but to some extend this is true and even if you are not really a person that goes well with computers you must see it yourself.

What happened to all the simple websites with little to no CSS and JavaScript. The meme about new JavaScript framework being released every 2 weeks starts to look more and more like reality. It feels like people cannot make good websites without JavaScript anymore and I absolutely hate it.

You could argue that the big websites show these annoying ads so they could eat something and I don’t find that wrong, but these websites put hundreds of ads inside their article and sometimes they even hide the article behind a paywall (while showing the ads). I’d be okay with “normal” ads on the side, that are not present in the article itself, but that’s too much to ask for in today’s day and age.

Thank you for reading my little ramble.