Quake Live Servers Launched

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Greetings fellow gamers,

I just wanted to write a small update post where I would like to announce the launch of my Quake Live Clan Arena servers. I’ve launched them about a month ago at this point, but I have yet to announce it anywhere.

They are hosted on a OVHCloud VPS, so they should be pretty stable - networking and performance wise. Feel free to connect and have some fun: (No ELO limit) and (>1100 ELO limit)

Also if you would like to host your own Quake Live CA server with relative ease, I’ve made an example Docker Compose and pushed it to my docker-compose-examples repository on my GitHub - https://github.com/xaizone/docker-compose-examples. You only need to change a couple of things which are written in the readme.

C U.

P.S. I will try to be more active in the coming months (again) ;>