Twitter and Discord Drama

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Here are my thoughts about the recent Twitter and Discord drama. And why I might not be as active as I was on these platforms.

If you are not aware of what’s happening with Twitter recently, you must really live under a rock, no offense. News about Twitter hit the mainstream media and it’s one of the most trending topics right now. Well, the whole of Twitter seems to be getting a bit out of hand since Elon Musk took over the company. Firing over 50% of Twitter’s employees (source), temporarily closing offices with immediate effect without providing reason, and more…

I was really skeptical about Twitter even before Elon Musk took over. Don’t get me wrong, I like Twitter; it’s a great microblogging platform. It does all the stuff it was meant to do without the extra garbage like other platforms. Since I made this website, I haven’t really posted much on Twitter, logically. I’d rather post here instead of my Twitter.

Now what about Discord? Yesterday (2022-11-17) CNIL wrote an announcement about fining Discord 800,000€ for failing to comply with several obligations of the GDPR. You can read more below:

Today, I’ve canceled my Discord Nitro Classic subscription after over a year and a half. I don’t like Discord. I use it because all of my friends use it (“the platform problem”), well almost everyone on the Internet uses it. It’s honestly kind of sad that Discord still has this huge monopoly over instant messaging and VoIP applications. I’d love to see Matrix rise and shine like this, but well… that’s never gonna happen.

Thank you for reading.