Xtrfy M42 Review

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I sparked interest in this mouse some time ago, mostly influenced by irrpa, I thought the interchangable shell design was an interesting concept and thought it could be the future of mouse design, which sadly still isn’t.

I bought this mouse on sale for about 45€, I originally wanted to buy the wireless variant which should be coming out anytime of writing this review, but after seeing the wired version go on sale I didn’t wait any longer and bought one.

At first I thought I’m gonna hate the cable, since I was exclusively using wireless mice for over a year now, but I was actually pleasantly surprised by the cable. It didn’t bother me at all. The cable is stiff, but still perfectly soft and doesn’t get in the way as long as you are using a bungee. I had an issue with different mice in the past, where the cable would constantly get in the way when lifting up and putting down the mouse, first mice that comes in mind is the EGG XM1 (Rev.2), the cable was just way too soft.

I got the retro edition colorway, the mouse looks really nice, the rgb effects are also really good-looking and decently customizable with different modes.

Changing shells is super easy, I much prefer the one with the smaller hump, the one with the higher hump was a bit too much for me and it made me not grip the mouse properly. The smaller hump shell allowed me to do both relaxed and aggressive claw grip.

One thing I have to complain about is the LOD of the sensor, there’s no way of adjusting it, it gets adjusted once when plugging the mouse in and then it stays like that. Coming from Logitech Superlight where the LOD is hair thin, that’s quite a downgrade. The LOD on this mouse is still relatively high compared to Logitech Superlight as mentioned above.

Everything is configurable on the mouse itself, so I didn’t bother with downloading the software. Everything was well described in the included manual.

tl;dr: decent mouse with unique shell design and a good claw grip shape, higher lod compared to logitech superlight.